28 August 2015

Instagram | Hairstylist You Should Follow

Been thinking about new hairstyle for days. My dad was like, "why you dilemma for so long, your hair will grow btw." Daddy will never know the importance of hair to a girl. Looking into hair stylist Instagram page for some inspiration. Lob hair will be nice to me (oh lord, not again).

All photos embed from relevant hairstylist from Instagram.
May click on this colour to link to their Instagram page

1. moriyuya
A photo posted by 森 勇弥 (@moriyuya) on

2. morita_kohei0409

3. isodango
A photo posted by 磯田 基徳 (@isodango) on

4. murooooooo
A photo posted by 室 奈央子 (@murooooooo) on

How am I gonna decide after browsing so many style. Well, not saying that I'm into Japanese hairstyle but... they look the most attractive to me. Also having the fear of the outcome. A lot of "what if it don't turn out to be pretty?" "what if I look more shitty after haircut"

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